LCD-550-Y comes with pillar stand and plain universal base, which can use a LED ring light as illumintor. It is with 8″ (or 10″)  LCD monitor, high ratio zoom lens and built-in CCD camera. This series of microscope offers a large zoom range, long working distance, especially LCD monitor display, which is an perfect instrument for industrial inspection.

LCD Monitor 8″ (10″ is optional)
CCD Camera 1/3’’ CCD
Objective Zoom 0.65X-5.5X
Reduce Lens Inside 0.45X
Total Magnification Zoom 0.7-4.5X
Magnification 10X-85X
Working Distance 113mm
Stand Fix stand with normal size base
Illumination Dual 12V10W halogen lamp

1 8″ LCD Monitor
1 Metal Microscope Stand
1 Microscope Objective Body (CCD built-in)
1 Spare lamp 12V10W (Only for LCD-550-W)
1 Power Cable
1 Dust Cover
1 set/carton.   Size: 50cm*38cm*48cm. Gross weight: 7.5KGS